"And Then There Were Crumbs," A Sweet Morsel for the End of a Long Day

Favorite Quote: “Taste-testing? That’s the job I was born for. I might even put it on my business cards.”

Starting at the beginning of something – being there when the first stone is laid or the first flowers planted or, in this case, when the first book is published, is special. I picked up Eve Calder’s debut novel because it was (a) a mystery, (b) looked sweet and (c) seemed to be the exact level of mental requirements after grueling few days. It passed with flying pastries.

Kate McGuire moves to the south Florida Keys on a semi-whim after her New York life manages to crash and burn spectacularly. In Coral Cay she meets a diverse set of transplants who have all decided to make Coral Cay their home. Kate niches herself in neatly at a floundering bakery. All seems to be looking up until the gruff bakery owner, Sam, is accused of murder and arrested. In rides the cavalry . . . eh . . . local book club, to fix what the local police bungled. There are very few shocking twists and turns in this mystery. I did correctly deduce one mystery, but not the big one.

Above all, And then there were Crumbs is pretty and neat. The counter tops gleam and cool ocean breezes waft through windows. Even the murder is conveniently tucked into a car, with no messy blood or other bodily fluids. It seems a semi-fantasy land, where the flowers always bloom, book clubs meet in wine caves, and your best friend lives next door and makes amazing Cuban food. Or, maybe that is just the Florida Keys. I think I should go and find out.