Race for Cake!

The most important part of returning to running after an injury is to start slowly. Focus on cross training and don’t increase mileage by more than 10% from week to week. That is the plan. I will focus on that and - what hold up is that a race?!?!

Yes, yes it is. Specifically, an 8k race the day after St. Patrick’s Day here in New Orleans. Runners get a tech tee shirt and jambalaya at the finish line. Sold!

Training has sort of begun. That’s what I’m calling the 1.6 miles I ran yesterday that was followed by 2 slices of cake. Sure, it isn’t the sort of training that you’d find on a real plan, but it motivates me.

New York was not short on good running paths, and neither is New Orleans. I’m really looking forward to making Audubon Park my go-to place and learning the paths of City Park. But for now, I’m just running around my neighborhood. And then rewarding myself with cake.

I baked the cake myself to celebrate having the fanciest oven I’ve ever had before, and some folks close by to share spontaneous cake with (besides Jesse). That’s right, folks, my oven has an internal light AND a digital temperature reader. I never showed a picture of my New York oven, but I don’t mind showing off this one.

I forgot to take a picture of the cake, and if you believe it’s because the cake was eaten that quickly, you are actually half right. The other half is just that I’m forgetful.

Instead, here is a picture of the oven light switch. It is a shame that the cake didn’t get a photograph, be

cause it looked like a giant ho-ho.