Happy Pre-Thanksgiving from NOLA!

Happy Pre-Thanksgiving! This Thanksgiving is particularly special for me because last week, Jesse and I FINALLY were able to do something that we have wanted to do for a long time.

Not a just a road trip . . . we moved!

After 7 and a half years in New York, we took the chance to skip winter to instead live near family, palm trees, and, yes, Mardi Gras. All of our belongings were in a 16 foot truck, we were in the little car, the Wee One was in her carrier, and we spent two long days driving through the Appalachian Mountains living on coffee and carrot sticks.

We arrived just in time for a southern cold snap. 65 degrees, brrrr! (I can hear my New York friends groaning right now - hi guys! Come visit us! We have AMAZING food here!)

Four days into southern living and I’m kind of amazed. I have met two neighbors, and they remembered our names. The check-out clerk at the grocery store spent five minutes talking to us about when she moved from New Jersey to New Orleans a few years ago.

7 and a half years in New York, I had learned only the name of one neighbor’s dog. I wish that was an exaggeration, but it isn’t.

So, stay tuned for some NOLA stories!

I must to give the biggest thanks a few people who made this mammoth move so much easier for Jesse and me.

First, my parents. They flew from Chicago to New York to drive a truck from New York to New Orleans and then flew back to Chicago the next day because, ya know, work. They really are the greatest people. I hope to be as wonderful as them one day.

Secondly, Jesse, who packed 18 boxes for every 1 that I packed and never mentioned it (but I noticed).

Thirdly, my generous in-laws who made this so much smoother for us!

Fourthly, my awesome sister, who found movers for us in New Orleans, had food ready when we arrived, and did all the invisible things that made arrival smoother, including paying the cat deposit that I forgot about.

Lastly, my bada** brother, who actually gave me his furniture and art so I would, ya know, have a couch and tables and artwork. (FYI, he has really good taste, so this is a complete win for me).

I’ve got the best family!