Shin Splints, and What I Should Have Done

Things to pay attention to while running:

  1. Cars

  2. Pedestrians

  3. Other runners

  4. Proper running form

  5. Proper breathing

  6. That little niggle in your right shin that has been getting worse over the past few weeks

I got 5/6, which is an 83%. At my grade school, that would have been a C+. Sorry, Mrs. K. You tried, but I wasn’t paying attention in class.

I did not pay attention to the little niggle in my leg either, even when it grew into a dull ache, and then a stiff sear, and then a spasm that did not go away after I stopped running.

I didn’t do everything wrong. I did look up common running pain and what triggers it. But then I read a list of everything that I had been doing over the past few weeks, and decided that nah, it’s probably not that bad.

Amateur tip: don’t do that.

I did casually mention that maybe there was a little tingle in my right tibia to my long-distance running family members. And when they cautioned me with “don’t hurt yourself,” I pretended that it was fine because, well, it didn’t hurt all the time.

Amateur tip: don’t do that either

Finally, when I was still limping an hour after the run ended, I put my fear of doctors on the shelf and made an appointment. I also did not run in the week before the appointment because I assumed that would fix everything and he would tell me to run right away. Like, that minute. Run out of the doctor’s office because he was so bored of my appointment.

Amateur tip: stop being an idiot

It didn’t happen like that. I guess the doctor knew what he was doing, quickly found the spot that hurt (I didn’t even know it was a particular spot), and told me not to run for 2 weeks.

The worst part was when he said that there is really no chance I’ll be running the half marathon. I admit I teared up a bit. I might be right now, too. Because I hate running but also love it, and the idea of living without it for 2 weeks was much harder than I expected (a bit like a high school boyfriend). I couldn’t follow my favorite running blogs, or look on Instagram without being jealous of everyone who could run.

It was a long two weeks, but, I finally got out for a gentle, easy couple miles yesterday. The niggle was gone, but I could tell that my right leg is not in the same place physically as my left. So, I’m going to continue to take it safe and gently start to run again. Maybe this time I’ll actually follow the 10% rule. Maybe.

Thank you to EVERYONE who has contributed to this fundraiser. I will be running the Jazz Half marathon still – just in 2018 instead of 2017. And, all of your contributions will still go toward the Cancer Center at NOLA Children’s Hospital. You are all wonderful, special people and I’m so grateful to know every single one of you.

For the newcomers: I am training for the Jazz Half Marathon on October 28, 2018. All the proceeds go to the Cancer Program at Children’s Hospital of New Orleans. Donations are gratefully and enthusiastically accepted here: