The Running Less Week

This week has been less about the running and more about the thinking that I really should get out and run. Life has been interfering again and it kept me in bed more mornings than last week. Guilt was present, but so was sleep.

I did get out Wednesday for Global Running Day, though! I celebrated by getting up fifteen minutes earlier than most running mornings, going further and charging up two hills! Running has given me a funny definition of the word “celebrate.”

I definitely was not feeling celebratory at the top of the second hill. It is totally normal that my lips are paler than the rest of my face, right? Let’s say yes.

But since the running was less active the past few days, I’ve noticed a few strange things. One, my day and mood is worse without a run (sorry Jesse!). Running in the morning makes the day better because I have all day to enjoy the endorphins!

I float into work (eh, limp) knowing that I am already accomplished. I tell everyone that I see about my run, how far I went, what time I woke up, anything interesting I saw (a Pomeranian!). I think my office mates really appreciate it. Especially when I repeat it to everyone who comes in. Seriously, it’s their favorite thing – especially if they haven’t have coffee yet.

Sometimes I remind them in the afternoon too.

Early morning running also means that I have less time to dread the run. When I used to run in the afternoon, I would be excited in the morning, and then around noon I’d start to have second thoughts. Around 3:00 I’d have symptoms that I knew definitely meant I shouldn’t run. Dizziness, leg tweaks, and others. I’d check the weather repeatedly, looking for an excuses (“no way I could run now – it is 86 degrees! I’ll faint for sure, especially with this creaking sound in my right elbow!”)

Of course, if I managed to trick myself into running, it was all worth it. The dizziness disappeared and I remembered at the last minute about this wonderful invention called a water bottle (invest now before the word gets out!).

Extra bonus to running in the morning: I have an excuse to go to bed at 9:30 like I’ve secretly always wanted to do.

So, I’ve quartered the dread and quadrupled the reward. A complete win!

I have a feeling that those early morning jaunts are going to become even more important over the next month, as either Jesse or I (or both of us) will be traveling every single weekend. So a few minutes of running “normalcy” (again, weird definitions), might be what carries me though!

Goals for next week involves getting back on track, no matter what Life tosses at me. That starts by running at least five days. This is one of my travel weekends (Sunday to Tuesday), and fitting in all of those days will be hard. As will fitting my running shoes into my carry on. Some other things will have to be sacrificed and I hope, for the sake of other people on the plane, that it isn’t deodorant or toothpaste.

In non-running news, I’ve started a new book! It’s a page turner!

In all seriousness, it is doing exactly what it says on the cover, covering a very basic intro to statistics. After years of believing that people were good at either reading and writing OR math and science, I’m sort of stunned to learn that none of that was right. For instance, math can be fun and make sense to me, even if I don’t know the multiplication table beyond 5.

Learning more about this subject is fascinating and fun and this book makes it easy. Amazon – please sell more! But it isn’t just an awesome resource, it is also extremely helpful if insomnia strikes. Two pages in and I’m out like I’m starring in a mattress commercial.

And here, a random picture of the Gray One in maximum stealth mode. Jesse’s closet is her favorite place to hide, despite the number of times she’s been accidentally trapped in there. Can you see her?

For the newcomers: I am training for the Jazz Half Marathon on October 28, 2017. All the proceeds go to the Cancer Program at Children’s Hospital of New Orleans. Donations are gratefully and gleefully accepted here: