Jane Cummins is a researcher by day and a writer by night (or more accurately very early morning). Originally from Chicago, Jane now lives New Orleans with her husband and her cat. 


Jane loves running, reading, and baking. She spends too much time on YouTube and is a doughnut enthusiast. She also loves adventures, such as rafting down the Green River in Utah, staying at a farmhouse in Door County, Michigan, and traveling every chance she gets. She is the beloved aunt of her young niece and nephews, who also live in New Orleans. 


'The Scenic Route' is Jane’s first published novel. While writing it, Jane fell in love with the characters and another story is in progress, once Jane is happy with it. We hope you join Hazel, Darin, Lana, Peachy, and Gussy as they find where 'faith leads them.'










Mary has always seen what a talented writer Jane was and finally convinced Jane to write her book. Here was our deal - you write it, I will take care of the rest. Mary lives in New Orleans with her husband, Mark, and their three small children.




















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