Forest Trees

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A tender and funny love story that reminds us that love is gentle, love starts with friendship, and that if one cannot adjust one's perspective, love can be missed. 




When Hazel Cormack, an artist living in New Orleans, receives a phone call that her beloved aunt has just been diagnosed with cancer, she rushes to be by her side. When Hazel arrives in Lune Gully, she meets Darin Phillips, a reclusive archeologist and author, famous for his books on the historical Christ.  Darin has rented a secluded and primitive cabin outside of Lune Gully to focus on completing his latest book.


A friendship develops as Darin and Hazel begin to help and inspire each other. But both know that each will soon leave Lune Gully - Hazel will return to her work in New Orleans and Darin will return to his research in Israel.


Can love grow between two people who can’t see love in their future? And when Darin’s stay is cut short, can he see that what he needs most is right in front of him?